6' high Wrought Iron Fence
4' High Residential Chain link
Residential Privacy Chain Link
3 Rail Vinyl Ranch Rail
Commercial - Industrial - Residential
6' High Privacy Vinyl
Residential Wrought Iron
Commercial Wrought Iron
2 Rail Post and Dowel
3 Rail Post and Dowel
Field Fence with "T" Posts
8' High Privacy Wood Fence
3 Rail Split Rail
2 Rail Split Rail
5' High Privacy
Wood Fence with Cap
6' High D/E Privacy
Wood Fence
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We at Fence-All, Inc., know you have many options and
your time is very valuable. Your time here will be well spent
learning about us and our services, as well as fencing.

Fence-All, Inc., is glad to serve the States of
California and Colorado thru it's Divisions;
- In California as
Cal-Fence Company,
- Colorado as Cal-Fence Contractors.

Our Priorities when it comes to business are
Quality of Performance and Customer Service,
two things we believe we can offer. Faced with the fact that
many companies are not up to customer's expectations.  We
are determined to exceed those expectations.  We have been
doing fences for over 15 years in the State of California,
many years before
Cal-Fence Company was originally born,
under Contractors License #808910. The State of Colorado
does not require a contractors license for the fencing industry.

Fence-All, Inc., we believe every customer deserves  
Customer Service and Quality of Performance.  We can
assure everybody we are a company determined to provide
this and more.

Customer Service we mean:
                - Appointments kept on time.
                - Jobs schedule to customer's needs.
                - Being there when needed in emergencies.
                - Prices in accordance with requested jobs.
                - No 1-2 weeks waiting for bids.
                - No overcharges.

Quality of Performance we mean:
                - Best alternatives for your project.
                - Jobs schedules kept on time.
                - Material you buy is what you get.
                - No call-backs for lack of quality on jobs.
                - Do good work, fast and accurate.

There are times in which we know we want or need a fence,
but can't seem to decide on what type or style,  mainly due to
the lack of information on the wide variety of choices there
are out there.  In here, you will have the chance to see those
choices and perhaps make a decision on what you want with
our help.

You will have the opportunity to contact us via E-Mail,
Telephone or Fax, to ask for help, advice, or an Estimate.
Fence-All, Inc.
P.O. Box 2753  Fresno, CA 93745
Ph. 719 243-2539 Ph. 559 351-9363
In California
In Colorado
"Our Name Means Quality"

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